Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS)
  • Develop and maintain web services for:
  • Duties include:
  • Updating web content in html, shtml, php pages, and databases
  • Serving datasets via THREDDS/Tomcat
  • Recording and producing various videos
  • Repair and add new Cat5 lines and outlets when necessary
  • Providing COAPS faculty/staff/students with desktop computer assistance
Career Center - Florida State University
  • Updated Career Center and related websites (http://career.fsu.edu/)
  • Assisted with set-up of check in stations and events for career fairs
  • Responded to staff and student workstation problems
  • Set up new equipment and did special projects as needed
Information Technology Specialist
  • Proficient in: HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, Photoshop CS3
  • Basic skills in: ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, C++, C#, Java, Networking

I do side technical work for family, friends, and various clients. This includes (but is not limited to) basic technical/helpdesk support, transferring files and licensed programs between machines, web design, setting up new routers (with security), desktops, laptops, printers, webcams, TVs, etc.

Sponsored Research Accounting Services - FSU

I did basic office duties including filing, covering reception desk, RFID inventory, running queries on various forms, logging mail and other files as they came in/out of the department. I also ran mail deliveries interdepartmentally to various buildings on campus. I helped the IT guy with smaller tasks as well.

Honey Baked Ham Company

Besides regular food-related work (cook, sales, customer service), I helped and consulted inexperienced users in basic computer programs and skills; troubleshot any technical problems we were having. I set up a LAN network in the store and set up a print server so all the computers in the store could print on the main laser-jet printer back in the office. I also set up a 4 camera security system; I mounted all the cameras, ran all the wires through the crawl-space in the roof back to the main unit in the office, set up remote viewing through the store's router.

I also designed, hosted, and maintained the store's website. It was taken down because of non-payment, but is available for you to view here - http://www.hbhtallahassee.com/ .

Bianca Pizza & Pasta

While employed at this locally owned Italian restaurant, I did a lot of various tasks. These tasks include (but were not limited to): prep work in the kitchen; cooking small items and making salads and subs. I was also a cashier and a delivery driver, that was (and still is) committed to customer satisfaction.

The Brake Pad

The Brake Pad was a small deli that made soups, salads, subs, sandwiches, smoothies, etc. I was in charge of placing food orders, making the weekly schedule, counting the drawer down and making the deposit, getting change, etc.

Various other food & constructions jobs

I have worked in various other kitchens and delis and done almost everything imaginable. I have also worked construction with a company called Pensacola Pools East, Inc. We built many pools from the ground up while I was with them. There is a lot more that goes into building a pool than one would think. The various jobs include (but are not limited to): surveying, digging, plumbing, wiring for electricity, wiring for fiberoptic lighting, and finish work.

Deep-C Consortium
Florida Climate Center
Florida Climate Institute