LIS3267 (SP07)
Information Science

LIS3353 (SU07)
Technologies for Information Professionals

LIS4930 (FA07)
Health Informatics

LIS3201 (FA07)
Research & Data Analysis for Information Professionals

LIS3021 (SP09)
Technical Communication for Information Professionals

LIS2780 (SU09)
Database Concepts

CGS3406 (SU09)
Object-Oriented Programming in C++

LIS4264 (FA09)
Systems Approach in the Information Environment

LIS4482 (FA09)
Managing Networks & Telecommunications

LIS3706 (SP10)
Information Systems & Services

LIS3784 (SP10)
Information Organization & Communication

LIS4301 (SP10)
Electronic Media Production

LIS4368 (SP10)
Web Development with PHP

LIS3781 (SU10)
Advanced Database Management

LIS4910 (SU10)
IT Project

LIS4708 (SU10)
Perspectives on IT

CGS2835 (SU10)
Interdisciplinary Web Development